Farmer helps turkeys fear of fireworks

The loud bangs and flashes of colour from big fireworks can sometimes cause stress for some animals.

They might get jumpy or try to hide.

But one farmer Tom Copas Junior spends hundreds of pounds trying to prepare his turkeys for the loud noises.

For about a month before Bonfire night he sets off fireworks at random times throughout the day as his turkeys walk about in the fields.

Then he starts at night so they get used to the colours and flashes of light.

He says they get less stressed and stay calmer.

The RSPCA says the fireworks could cause the turkeys more distress and they'd prefer animals to be moved to quieter places where they won't hear the fireworks at all.

But the farmer says it's a very gentle form of training to help them be more relaxed about the bangs and flashes.

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