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Last updated at 08:05
Cyclist in London fogRory Cellan-Jones

The UK is experiencing some rather strange weather at the moment.

Yesterday was the hottest November day ever recorded in Britain, with parts of the country having sunny weather.

But thick fog is also causing problems across the UK.

Dozens of flights have been cancelled or delayed at airports across the UK and Europe and there were lots of delays on roads because of the thick fog.

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Your Pictures

You've already been sending your pictures into the Newsround website. Here's some of the best.

Lewis, who's 10 sent this foggy view from his house in West Sussex.

Hassocks in West SussexLewis in West Sussex

Amy, who's 9, sent in this picture of her street in Coventry

A foggy street in CoventryAmy in Coventry

Fred from Hertfordshire says this is how his back garden looked for most of today.

Swings in the fogFred in Hertfordshire

One school in north London sent this picture of the misty, spooky fog that took over their playing field.

Playing field in the fogA junior school in north London