Newsround wants your tips for hosting a great Halloween party

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We want your ideas for the worlds best Halloween party!

Halloween's coming up and lots of people are throwing parties but how do you make it a spooktacular celebration?

You need lots of fabulous ideas to make it as scary and exciting as possible.

Jenny dressed as a witch for Halloween
Jenny dressed as a witch for Halloween

So send us your scariest, spine-tingling top tips for organising an impressive party.

Whether it's ideas for gruesome cakes, hair-raising decorations or even chilling costumes we want to hear from you.

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Your Comments:

You could use cranberry juice for a drink because it looks like blood.

Ola, 8, Manchester

You can use fake blood to look extra scary and you can also use face paint too.

Louise, 10, London

I think you could put up a sign on the door that is made out of fake blood and says keep out!

Amina, Luton

I think you should make gruesome green cupcakes! You should also dress up as ghosts!

Louise, 10, Isle of Man