Should wild animals perform in circus shows?

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Ricky goes to see animal circus

An animal circus is defending using wild animals in their shows.

The circus show called "An Evening with Lions and Tigers" uses specially trained animals to perform tricks in front of a live audience.

Thomas Chipperfield, who runs the show, says the big cats have regular health checks with vets.

But animal rights groups are still calling for the circus to shut down.

The government has been considering banning performing animals in England. The Welsh Government is also looking into it.

We asked you what you thought, should wild animals be used in a circus show?

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Your comments

I think they should be allowed to perform, as long as they are treated well and don't have to do it full time.

Mia, 10, Hampshire

I don't think that they should be kept in circuses, because what if they jump out into the people watching?

Alfie, 9, Morecombe

I don't think it is right to put wild animals in the circus because they are from the wild. If they are domestic then maybe yes as long as they are treated right.

Ola, 8, Manchester

I believe if they are checked by experts and they say they are healthy they should keep them, but if they weren't happy and healthy then I think they should returned to the wild. However, the animals may not be used to the wild and might not have good hunting skills.

Sam, 10, South Croyden

I think that the animals are happy with their owners, but the circus shouldn't continue because animals should be free.

Lindsey, 9, Milnathort

I think animals should be free in their natural environment and should not be caged and trained to perform for entertainment, because it's cruel.

Lucas, 9, Scotland

I think that animals should not be allowed to be used in a circus, because it is not fair that they are being taunted with so called tricks for our enjoyment.

Rosella, 10, Prestwich

I think that wild animals should not be allowed to be in circuses because they are wild, and should be treated like they are found in the wild and not being made to perform.

Brodie and Tiffany, 13 and 9, Surrey

I think they should keep animals in the circus because they are funny and they are very entertaining.

Danielle, 11, Hull

I think it is not very fair to keep lions in a cage, they should be free in the wild. Lions and tigers aren't meant to be for show they are wild animals, it's not fair on them they deserve freedom.

Niamh, 10, Worcester

I think that wild animals can be used in circuses, but they have to be treated well, and have a really good environment similar to their natural habitat to play in when they are not performing.

Ambra, 10, Lewes

I don't think any animal should be held captive. They were not put in earth for our entertainment. The use of wild animals in the circus is barbaric


I think it is unfair to the lions and tigers because they need to be in the wild in their natural habitat to have space and live as nature intended.

Esme, 12, Somerset

I think it's wrong to keep wild animals in a circus even if they're treated fairly because it's just like someone keeping you in a cage and making you perform for money!

Rebecca, 12, Dorset

I think they shouldn't let the animals into the wild because they have been tamed and wouldn't know how to survive.

Georgia, 12, Kenilworth

I think animals should be allowed to perform in circuses, because in the wild they are hunted and they can live longer with humans. Also if the RSPCA do check up every year or so the animals should be fine.

Izzi, 11, Hampshire

I think they should be allowed to perform, but they need to have a large space to roam.

Emma, 10, Rutland

I think it's no good for the animals, because it is cruel when the animal tamers whip the animals.

Liv, 9, Essex

I think tigers and lions shouldn't really be allowed in shows, just in case they might get abuse or anything like that.

Honey, 9, Nottingham

I think not, because I think it is very cruel and not nice, they'll also get quite tired.

Fraser, 10, Scotland

I think they should be used, if they are treated right.

Millie, 11, Hassocks