Strong earthquake hits Afghanistan and Pakistan in South Asia

Last updated at 16:34
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Earthquake hits Afghanistan and Pakistan

A strong earthquake has hit South Asia mainly affecting people living in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Tremors were also felt in the neighbouring countries of India and Tajikistan.

It measured 7.5 in terms of how powerful an earthquake is.

Buildings shook and were badly damaged in Afghanistan. In Pakistan, people fled shops and homes as the shaking started.

More than 150 people are thought to have died because of the quake.

People looking at damaged houses in AfghanistanReuters

People in the Indian capital Delhi ran into the streets; schools and offices were also evacuated.

The hardest hit area is thought to be in the mountainous area of north-east Afghanistan.

Map of areas affected by the earthquake

The epicentre of the earthquake was more than 200 kilometres underground.