What will the future be like in 30 years time?

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Tech expert Chris tells us what inventions he thinks the world might have in 30 years time

Today, 21 October 2015 is Back to the Future Day.

It's the exact date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrive in the future, in the second 'Back to the Future' film, released in 1989.

The movie imagined a 2015 with hoverboards, flying cars, and self-tying shoes.

But what will the world be like 30 years from now?

We wanted to know what you think the future will be like.

Your Comments

I think there will be just electric cars and trains in 30 years time.

Harry, Nottingham, England

I think in the future we will have new technology like a kitchen in a car or maybe a car in a bedroom. There will be more education with more maths in schools and also more reading. There will be no alcohol, no drugs and no smoking because they effect the lungs. I hope for no war and a safer home for everyone.

Amishi, Aberdeen, Scotland

I think there will be shoes that can help you fly and a robot.

Simran, Staffordshire, England

I think cars are going to be able to drive on water and there will be more advanced hover-boards. There will also be glasses that you can use to watch TV with them on.

Charlie, Bolton, England

I am guessing the future will be like the movie with flying cars, hover-boards, multi screen TVs and robot slaves.

Tai, Bolton, England

Kids from Norwich with their ideas of what world will be like in 30 years timeTom Shackleton
Year 3 Rowan Class and Mr Shackleton with their ideas of what the world will be like in 30 years time

The silliest ideas from the Back to the Future film were hydrating a small pizza to make dinner and a flying car! Huge 3D televisions and video messaging did come true! Our ideas for the future included robots to do our homework, automatic, upside-down houses and space-cows to make space more interesting!

Year 3 Rowan Class, Norwich, England

In 30 years time I think we will have all the following - Flying cars; eye scanner for doors so you don't need keys; hover-boards; fingerprint door locks for your bed room door; there will be a button you press and your stuff will come out of the walls; some special boots that help you walk on water or up a wall; a teleporter for holiday travel; phone glasses; and, finally, holographic televisions.

Brandon, Bolton, England

14 out of 37 believe we will have flying cars in 30 years time. 30 out of 37 believe that robots will be much more common in our lives. We believe that we will be able to take DNA from dead and extinct creatures and make replicas. Watches will have all sorts of new skills including showing holograms. We will have machines, like weighing scales, which we will stand on and can detect any illnesses or problems with our body so that they can be fixed.

Year 3 and 4 Hares Class, Devon, England

Floating hospital beds to make transporting patients easier and smoother. Food that can regenerate to feed 3rd world countries. Phones that are attached to your body. Personal household robots - for vacuuming, carrying shopping and ironing. Screens on both sides of your phone. Mini motors that can be added to shoes and bikes, with rechargeable batteries. Teleportation of inanimate objects. Liquid metal that can be programmed to take shape. Medical robots in shopping centres, cinemas, etc…so you don't have to wait for an ambulance. Computer programmed hairbrush that tells you to create certain styles. Downloadable knowledge - like apps for your brain. Vaccine given to babies to prevent all future illnesses. 3D printer that can create food and flavour. Driverless cars - to prevent human accidents caused by tiredness or alcohol. Building material that can sculpt itself into any structure. Robot emergency services to prevent loss of human life. Sponge bandages that prevent massive blood loss, create a seal and then can squeeze out the blood so it can be put back in to the body. Virtual reality video games that enable you to become a character in the game. Gloves that enable climbing on any surface. Hologram environments on a portable tablet.

Year 4TF, Northampton, England