Would you eat bugs?

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Are insects good for us to eat?

A group of scientists are looking into whether eating insects could be good for you.

Their initial report found that houseflies, crickets and worms are good for us to feast on. They could even be more nutritious and environmentally friendly than pork, beef or chicken.

The scientists say that's because insects contain a lot of protein - an important part of your diet. Farming the creatures would take up much less space than cattle and they would produce less carbon dioxide and methane.

It's thought that insects already form part of the diets of at least two billion people around the world.

To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on.
Karim and Hacker tried some cooked insects

Remember NOT all insects are suitable for you to eat - only eat those that have been bought from the shops and properly prepared for eating.

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Your Comments

In our class we had a vote. 11 people said they would not want to eat insects, but everyone else said they wouldn't mind giving it a try.

Year 5, Park Primary School

Personally I've never eaten an insect before, but I don't see why not, it wouldn't really be any different to eating an animal of some sort.

Alex, 16, West Sussex, England

A few of us have eaten crickets and ants, and would do again as they weren't too bad - perhaps they'd be better next time if they were coated in chocolate?!

One of us has eaten a lava beetle but would not recommend it. Most of the class however thought the idea was disgusting!

Classs 6TF Trevelyan Middle School, England

I would eat bugs, but only if they were hidden or disguised as something else, and only if they tasted nice.

Victoria, 9, Scotland

I would never eat bugs, that would be so gross!

Jessica, 14, London, England

No I would never eat bugs! Even the thought makes me feel sick, no one in my family would either.

Kirsti, 10, Scotland

No, because they would be disgusting!

Fraser, 10, Scotland

I would NEVER eat insects. I don't like touching them, and I wouldn't eat them!

Lucas, 10, Barnsley, England