Comments: Your super spider stories

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They're creepy, they're crawly and they're never far away.

As the summer comes to an end, our eight-legged friends often head indoors to escape the chilly weather.

But experts say that this year, the little creatures might be slightly bigger than usual, because of summer weather we've had.

You've been telling us about the spiders that you've been spotting...

Your comments

We've seen big spiders and little spider in the bathroom and in our bedrooms. I'm a spider fan!

Emma, Worcestershire, England

I saw the fattest spider I've ever seen. It was so scary I couldn't walk past it. It was massive I didn't think it was from this country. We found out it was a female false widow spider.

Reece, Hertfordshire, England

I've seen loads of spiders all over my house. Some have been massive. I'm not scared of spiders but my brother is terrified of them.

Iona, Edinburgh, Scotland

I've seen loads of daddy longlegs and a big spider like the one at the tope of the page, and I've seen loads at school too!

Elizabeth, Cornwall, England

I don't like spiders especially daddy longlegs. They give me the creeps.

Jessica, London, England

Hi Newsround. I think spiders are great unless they're massive.

Emma, Surrey, England

I saw a very big spider and I'm not a fan of spiders.

Sehar, Leamington Spa, England

As a class, we have found a lot of large spiders in our homes this autumn. Our teacher even found one in her house! She thinks they are getting bigger! Some of us like spiders because of their skinny, long legs. Some of us like them because when they crawl on you they can tickle quite a lot. Some of us like spiders because they make strong webs. Some of us think spiders are really, really, really scary. Some of us don't like spiders because their webs make our houses look like scary houses.

Class 3, St. Ignatius Primary, England

I found a little something in the shower the other day! Maybe a little bigger than normal! We carefully picked it up and took it outside… It's legs were HUGE!

Skye, London, England