Great British Bake Off: Nadiya's most fantastic faces

Last updated at 06:25
Nadiya looks angry
Nadiya looks frustrated when she's told her frangipane tart has a soggy bottom.

There's been lots to love about this year's Great British Bake Off, but one thing has stood out for Newsround - Nadiya's amazing facial expressions.

Whether she's angry with her baguettes or worried about her frangipane, you can always tell how Nadiya's feeling. Ahead of the final, we take a look at her best faces.

Nadiya looks unimpressed after her baguettes took a bashing in the technical challenge.
Nadiya looks upset
Vol-au-vent despair: Nadiya's bottom lip comes out when she realises there's no time to fill her pastries.
Nadiya looks concerned
Nadiya pulls a showstopper of a face as she frets over her arlettes in biscuit week.
Nadiya looks worried
Nadiya can't hide her nerves as she waits to see if Paul will enjoy her Madeira cake.
Nadiya looks puzzled.
Nadiya practises her 'game face' ahead of the Bake Off final.