Massive sinkhole opens up on street in Hertfordshire

Last updated at 14:37
'Sinkhole' on Fontmell Close, St AlbansHertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service
The giant hole opened up during the night

A massive sinkhole has opened up in the middle of a street in St Albans, Hertfordshire, forcing some people to leave their homes overnight.

The 66ft (20 metre) diameter hole spread across a front garden and driveway on the street, and is about 33ft (10 metres) deep.

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Aerial footage shows the scale of the sinkhole

The local Council say five homes had to be evacuated and 20 people were taken to a centre set up nearby.

People on the street said they heard a crash before the huge crater appeared.

St Albans sinkholeSouth Beds News Agency
Police sealed off the street with the huge hole

Engineers are currently on the street to decide how best to fill the crater in.

No-one has been injured and no homes were damaged.

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