Who's in the Bake Off semi-final?

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Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue

This week's tense quarter- final battle saw five bakers become four.

The contestants were asked to make delicate French fancies, followed by a mountainous choux pastry masterpiece.

Cream hornsBBC/ Love Productions
The bakers were asked to make 12 puff pastry cream horns - tricky but yummy!

But patisserie week was too much for Paul, who left the competition and the Bake Off tent.

Next week, the remaining bakers will take on chocolate challenges, so who are the semi-finalists ?


Flora Bake OffBBC/Love Productions
This week Flora made peach and lemon cream horns and lime curd éclairs, but Paul and Mary were unimpressed with her flavours


Ian on Bake OffBBC/Love Productions
Ian's won 'Star Baker' three times, but this week struggled to master the cream horn, but the judges loved his coffee éclairs


Nadiya in Bake OffBBC/Love Productions
Nadiya was crowned this week's 'Star Baker' after impressing the judges by winning her second technical challenge


Tamal on Bake OffBBC/Love Productions
Tamal used passion fruit, mango, raspberry and pistachio to flavour his ecliars. Mary said his show-stopper piping was a little bit messy, but his éclair tower stayed standing

The semi-final will air on BBC One on Wednesday 30 September at 8pm.