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Comments: Does technology help you learn better?

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Having lots of technology in the classroom doesn't improve how well pupils do at school, researchers say.

A new study by the OECD, an organisation that looks at how people live and work around the world, suggests the use of computers, tablets and other tech often results in worse results, not better ones.

It looked at schools around the world and says the places where they spent lots of money on tech have seen "no noticeable improvement" in the reading, mathematics or science tests.

So, we want to know what you think? Does technology help you learn better? Do you think you can get better grades by using a tablet or can it be distracting and encourage you to copy things from the internet?

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I think that technology can help you learn better in some ways because when you want to find something out you can always look it up on your computer phone or tablet.

Jessica, 14, London

We think that technology does help us learn better. At school we use iPads, computers and laptops in our lessons and we find that using these helps us to learn and concentrate. We also use technology during play time. We also use technology to watch Newsround everyday!

Cedar class, Baston House School, Hayes

I think it doesn't help because you can become very lazy and it could distract you from your work because you could be on the internet when you should be working

Lucy, 13, Essex

We think it helps because you don't always want to be stuck copying from a textbook.

Evie & Coco, 9, Lancing

I think that technology can make you tired and lazy during class and you can't learn as much on a computer as you can with a pencil and paper.

Lexi, 9, Kent

I think that technology doesn't help because if you use it too much you can copy things of the Internet and not learn it for yourself.

Lauren, 13, Walsall

Yes, I think that technology can help children learn about their skills on the computer, but as long as they get a balance between writing work and computer work.

Rachael, 12, Glasgow

We think that technology can be a good and a bad thing. This is because sometimes when you are trying to learn you can get bored and just end up playing games. It can distract you when adverts come up on the websites and apps. It could help us when completing homework as we can download apps that help with vocabulary or the calculator apps on tablets. On the other hand, using a calculator app may not encourage children to use their own knowledge.

Year 7 form, Ark Putney Academy

I think it can help you learn because you can use the internet to look things up.

Tutor group 8I, Ringwood

I don't think it is good because on the internet the answer is just there and you don't have to think to find it.

Tutor group 8I, Ringwood

I think technology is good because in the future we won't have pens and paper, just ipads.

Tutor group 8I, Ringwood

I think technology is good because it can help with homework.

Tutor group 8I, Ringwood

When using technology there is a lot of temptation to cheat or not work.

Tutor group 8I, Ringwood