Paddleboarder rescues racing pigeon off Devon coast

Last updated at 07:21
Pigeon on paddleboardLadram Bay Holiday Park
Tory Pigott rescued the pigeon on her paddleboard

An unlucky racing pigeon twice attacked by hawks has been rescued at sea by a paddleboarder.

The paddleboarder was out with friends when she spotted the injured pigeon off Devon's south coast.

The bird had originally set off from Dorset a month before, but was found injured in Plymouth and nursed back to health and released again.

The pigeon's original owner in Hertfordshire was tracked down and sent a courier to collect the bird.

Tory Pigott and pigeonLadram Bay Holiday Park
The pigeon is thought to have suffered two hawk attacks in the past
Pigeon location map
PaddleboardersTory Pigott
Tory Pigott was out paddleboarding with friends when she spotted the pigeon