Starting secondary school in emojis

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Shonny describes her first day at starting secondary school in emojis

The summer holidays are officially over, and lots of you will be heading back to school again.

For some of you, this will mean making the move from primary to secondary school.

But what kind of things do you need to know when you change schools, and what should you bring with you?

Newsround viewer Shonny, who is starting secondary school for the first time, tells us how she found the big move.

The day before

To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on.
Shonny tells Newsround how she's feeling whilst preparing for school

Shonny said one of the biggest differences from primary school was her new uniform.

For secondary school, she now has to wear a tie, shirt and blazer.

She felt worried about missing the school bus and getting lost in the bigger buildings, but was excited to make new friends.

The big day has arrived

Starting Secondary School

After a quick breakfast, the sun was shining whilst Shonny set off for her first day at her new school.

One new rule at her secondary school is that mobile phones must be switched off during lessons.

Lunch break

Secondary School

At the half way point of her first day, Shonny picked the bee emoji because she had been as busy as one.

She was working out her new homework planner and getting used to the surroundings.

Shonny says she was surprised by the loud bells signalling lessons, as that didn't happen at her primary school.

Despite finding the new school bigger than she'd expected, Shonny is already making new friends and picked a thumbs up for a good day so far.

Day one at a new school complete

Secondary School

Shonny's little brother and sister are still at primary school.

They're missing her on the car trips home,as Shonny is now allowed to take the school bus alone.

The best bit

School in emojis

For Shonny, the best bit about moving up to secondary school is having more responsibility and independence, and making new friends.