Overgrown Australian sheep Chris 'breaks world record'

Last updated at 06:04
A heavily overgrown sheep near CanberraRSPCA
Chris the sheep was spotted wandering about outside of Canberra, the capital of Australia

An overgrown Australian sheep named Chris has set a new unofficial world record following a hair cut from five sheep shearers.

Animal welfare groups warned it risked death because it was so woolly from living in the wild for several years.

More than 40kg of wool was removed in what the RSPCA says is the heaviest amount of wool cut from one shearing.

National shearing champion Ian Elkins was urgently called in on Wednesday to tackle the mammoth merino.

Kangaroos look at the camera behind one of the woolliest sheep in the worldRSPCA
Kangaroos outside Canberra are dwarfed by the woolliest sheep in the world
Chris the sheep on his back as Australian shearers remove wool which has apparently broken a world recordRSPCA
Champion sheep shearer Ian Elkins described removing Chris's wool as one of his biggest challenges, saying he had never seen anything like it in 35 years of work
Chris the sheep had is sedated during the very delicate operation.RSCPA
The difference a day makes: Removing the excess wool cut Chris's weight in half
Weighing the world's biggest wool haulRSCPA
Spring clean: Chris's world-record breaking wool is weighed
New do: Australian sheep 'Chris' shows off a lighter look, complete with pink antiseptic stainsRSPCA
New do: Australian sheep Chris shows off a lighter look
The huge haul of wool removed from Chris the sheep's tiny frameRSPCA
Lightening the load: More than 40kg of wool was cut from Chris's tiny frame