Annual animal weigh-in at London Zoo

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Penguins get weighed at London ZooEPA

More than 17,000 animals have been weighed and measured as part of a yearly check-up at London Zoo.

Bactrian camelEPA
Bactrian camel Noemie was one of the heaviest animals weighing in at almost 112 stone.

Animals ranging from a 112 stone camel to tiny snails and beetles are included so zookeepers have to find new ways of recording their details.

Tin toadGetty Images
An Iberian Midwife Toad was one of the smallest creatures involved in the check-up.

This year they've involved getting penguins to walk on the scales as they line up for their morning meal.

Penguins get weighed at London ZooAP
Zookeepers use fish to get Humboldt Penguins onto the weighing scales.

Keepers also placed devices in grassy areas to help weigh giant tortoises.

giant tortoise being weighed.EPA
The zoo hid scales covered in grass to help weigh the giant tortoise.

The information gathered is shared with zoos all over the world to help them keep an eye on endangered species.