Teacher gives classroom a Harry Potter magic makeover

Last updated at 10:56
Teacher in Harry Potter classroomStephanie Stevens

A teacher in America has give her classroom a Hogwarts-style makeover after being inspired by the Harry Potter series.

Mrs. Stephens, who teaches children in Oklahoma, is using the story of Harry Potter to teach in her actual lessons too.

She said: "When Harry gets his wand, we'll make wands in my classroom. When they get sorted in the book, we will get sorted in real life. It'll be fun activities, not just another boring class."

Check out these pictures of what the room looks like.

Door decorated to resemble the brick portal entrance to Platform 9 3/4Stephanie Stevens
Is this the entrance to Platform 9 3/4? Or just a classroom door?
Potion bottles on a shelfStephanie Stevens
These fake potions should make for some spellbinding lessons
Dursley fireplace with letters from Harry PotterStephanie Stevens
The Dursley fireplace with letters from Harry Potter
Harry Potter themed work area in classroomStephanie Stevens
And there's no shortage of Harry Potter books at 'Spell Corner'
A three-headed dog, like Fluffy from the Potter books, guards a drawer.Stephanie Stevens
A three-headed dog, just like Hagrid's pet, Fluffy
Fluffy toy mouse in paper boxStephanie Stevens
Is this a magical mouse? Could it be Pettigrew?