La Tomatina 2015: Spain's tomato throwing festival turns 70

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Watch the world-famous food fight

More than 22,000 people from across the world have gathered in the small Spanish town of Bunol to celebrate the 70th annual Tomatina Festival by throwing 150 tonnes of squashed tomatoes at each other.

The annual festival started back in 1945.

Some people say it began as a food fight between a group of friends, others say people threw tomatoes at a carnival parade, and some believe it happened when tomatoes spilled from a truck.

This year the town will launch its first ever tomato-based obstacle course, the Tomatina race.

people throw tomatoesGetty Images
Trucks brought 150 tonnes of ripe tomatoes to the town for the event
People throwing tomatoes at the tomatina fiestaAP
The food fight only lasts about an hour, but people travel from all over the world to take part
People throwing tomatoes at the tomatina fiestaAP
Some people wore goggles to protect their eyes from the flying tomatoes
People throwing tomatoes at the Tomatina fiestaGetty Images
The streets of Bunol were drenched in red pulp after the food fight