Florida treasure hunters find gold coins worth £2 million

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Over 350 gold coins found on board a fleet of Spanish galleons that sunk enroute to Cuba from Spain 300 years ago - 19 August 2015Reuters
The coins were found in just a metre of water close to the shore

Treasure hunters in the US say they have discovered Spanish gold coins from the 18th century that are worth more than £2 million.

They think 350 coins were on the Atlantic sea bed, off the coast of Florida, for the past 300 years.

The coins are thought to be from a fleet of 11 Spanish ships, that sank during a hurricane, while making the journey from Cuba to Spain.

Treasure hunting is a popular activity in the waters around Florida.

Second major discovery

The discovery is the second major find by treasure hunters in recent months.

In June, they found about 50 coins worth roughly half a million pounds.

The 350 coins, which were brought to the surface at the end of July, turned up in just a metre of water close to the shore, buried under the sand.

Under law in the US, the government in Florida get to keep 20% of the money from the find.

The diver who discovered the coins, William Bartlett, didn't say what his reward would be.