Bake Off contestant’s oven fail

Last week's star baker in the Bake Off tent was Marie Campbell however this week her nerves got the better of her and she was sent home.

Despite a successful week last week with her show stopping Black Forest Gateaux and a Madeira Cake described as "Perfect" by judge Paul Hollywood, things couldn't have been more different for Marie the Granny from Scotland.

This week's technical challenge asked the bakers to come up with eight, Arlettes. These are French biscuits which taste of cinnamon but look a bit like frisbees.

During her bake Marie said "It's a wee bit on the complicated side for a biscuit," and she was right. Marie only managed to bake a handful out of the eight biscuits required by the judges, with the rest turning out flat as pancakes. Marie didn't manage to turn her oven on properly! Epic fail.

For the Showstopper Challenge the contestants were asked to create boxes made from biscuits. Marie presented the judges, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, with a 'Russian Box' made of biscuits. The judges criticised it for being too plain.

Marie's biscuit box sealed her fate and she left the bake off tent, proving that even star bakers can crack under the pressure.