Did you watch the meteor shower?

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The Perseid Meteor shower is lighting up the night skies and many kids across the UK are staying up late to enjoy it.

The shower takes place every year, when the Earth moves into the path of debris from the Swift-Tuttle comet.

The shower reached its peak in the early hours of Thursday morning, between 1.00am and 4.00am, when as many as 100 meteors were expected to be seen every hour.

Astronomers expected extra-dark skies which created perfect stargazing conditions.

Have you already caught a glimpse of the shooting stars? Or are you planning on seeing it later?

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"I lay outside on our chairs facing the sky. It was very clear as we were in Manchester and we saw about 10 bright, fast meteors. We saw them with the naked eye as they were only visible for around one second!"

Benj, Manchester, England

"I stayed up to watch the meteors. I saw a few. When I saw one I got very over excited and had to be told to be quiet so I didn't disturb the neighbours."

Alfie, Salisbury, England

"I really enjoyed the meteor shower and I loved all the bright sparks."

Michael, Hereford, England

"I tried to stay up but I fell asleep accidentally! I watched Newsround this morning though and it was so cool."

Francine, London, England

"I normally see it on holiday where there is no light pollution. I live near a busy road so there might be a lot of light pollution."

Sarah, Manchester, England

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