Typhoon Soudelor batters Taiwan

Last updated at 07:40
A motorcyclist rides past damaged trees in Taipei. Photo: 8 August 2015AFP
The storm is uprooting trees and tearing down billboards across the island

Powerful Typhoon Soudelor is battering the island nation Taiwan, off the coast of China, with strong winds and heavy rain.

The storm hit the eastern coast early on Saturday and is now moving across the island.

It is ripping up trees and tearing down billboards, and triggered a landslide in at least one village.

About two million households have been left without electricity and four people have died.

Rail services and flights have been cancelled and all schools and offices are closed.

Jingmei River in Taipei. Photo: 8 August 2015AFP
The Jingmei River could flood parts of the capital Taipei

Ahead of Soudelour's arrival, the authorities made thousands of people leave their homes for safety.

The storm is later expected to move into the Taiwan Strait and on to mainland China.


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