Minion mayhem: Giant inflatable stops traffic in Dublin

Last updated at 16:21
Minion blocking the roadERIN VAN LONDEN

A giant minion has been causing chaos in Dublin, Ireland.

The 12-metre inflatable stopped cars on a busy road after strong winds had ripped the yellow giant loose from a nearby fairground.

No one was injured with one local calling the incident "a bit of fun".

The police, with the help of passers-by, eventually managed to let the air out of the yellow inflatable and took it away in a wheelbarrow.

Minion in the fairgroundVeronica Walsh
The minion was being used at a fairground
Minion on roadERIN VAN LONDEN
Nobody was injured, but traffic was stopped for 15 minutes
Police car with the MinionERIN VAN LONDEN
Police arrived to help
People deflate the MinionERIN VAN LONDEN
Passers-by helped the police to let the air out of the minion and it was taken away in a wheelbarrow