Rare rainbow appears over Beijing

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A rainbow appears over the city on August 3, 2015 in Beijing, China.Getty Images
The rainbow that stopped a city

After hours of rain in the Chinese capital city of Beijing, something appeared that residents didn't expect to see - a rainbow.

The beautiful sight occurred on Monday evening.

Rainbows aren't seen in Beijing very often because of the high levels of smog and other air pollution.

In fact they are so rare, thousands of the people who spotted it uploaded lots of pictures of the rainbow via social media.

A Chinese woman takes a selfie with her mobile phone in front of a rainbow in Beijing, China on 3 August 2015EPA
"Goodnight rainbow. Hope to see you again," said one happy viewer on Monday evening.
An airplane flies past a rainbow at dusk in Beijing, China on 3 August, 2015Reuters
"To us living in China, it was so rare and beautiful to see," said Ting Lee. "It's definitely not something we see very often."
Passersby take photos of a rainbow at sunset in Beijing on Monday, 3 August, 2015AP
People enjoyed taking pictures of the rare sight
Rainbow over BeijingWEIBO
The rainbow could be seen above Beijing's central district, as shown in this image uploaded by a social media user