Comments: What do you do when the weather's bad?

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It might be the school summer holidays but the weather's not very sunny in lots of places across the UK.

So when the weather's not great, what do you do to keep yourself busy?

Do you make up new games to play around the house?

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When it's raining I like to draw pictures of animals.

Archie, 7, Staffordshire

I like to snuggle up on the couch with a film I haven't watched.

Alex, 12, Doncaster

Go to the park with my squad.

Jeff, 9, England

I like to build dens from blankets and pegs inside with my brother and sister.

Ophelia, 12, Hampshire

When it's raining, which it often does in London, I always like to read a book, or play games on my phone.

Arshpreet, 13, London

I just stay at home and watch TV.

Ansaa, 13, London

When the weather is incredibly bad I watch BBC iPlayer or I read books!

Kimya, 10, London

I like to watch films and watch CBBC, especially Newsround!

Eden, 13, London