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Campaign to save the giant manta ray

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Conservation charities are working with the government in northern Peru in South America where a big campaign's started to help save the Giant Manta Ray and make sure the species is protected forever.

Kanina spent 6 months in Peru collecting important data about them.

There are concerns that over-fishing and destruction of habitat could be harming the species.

Changing attitudes about the species starts in the classroom and kids have been helping out.

Fin-tastic facts:

  • They're the largest ray in the world (up to 8m wide!)
  • They can make migrations across the oceans, finding their way by following topographical maps using ocean landmarks, such as seamounts.
  • They're also extremely intelligent and possess the largest brain of any fish.
  • When swimming around divers, mantas can be extremely curious, often coming in for a closer inspection and swimming repeatedly through divers' bubbles.