Street artists in Bristol for live painting festival

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Argentinian artist Martin Ron's Tobacco Factory mural takes shapeEmma Griffiths BBC
Argentinian artist Martin Ron's mural of his girlfriend was one of Upfest's most striking images

Hundreds of international artists have been in Bristol to take part in an "urban paint festival".

Upfest, which began in 2008, will see selected walls, shop shutters and camper vans painted live by artists from South America and Europe throughout the weekend.

Visitors to the festival were able to watch 275 artists from 25 countries painting.

Among those taking part are Inkie, My Dog Sighs, Gamma, Lonac and Dutch due Telmo Miel.

"Streetcred", created by Amsterdam- based street artist Fake on hoardingsEmma Griffiths BBC
Amsterdam-based artist Fake produced the work "Streetcred"
Des X paints some giant wasps on hoardings in South Street ParkEmma Griffiths BBC
Des X turned to nature in South Street Park
Dan Kitchener's mural being "greyed out"Upfest
Dan Kitchener's 65ft mural, painted in 2014, is being painted over this year.
Upfest artists at work, July 2015Upfest
Martin Ron begins work in Bristol ahead of Upfest
The Upfest subway train, in 2013Paul Box
The festival created its own subway train - pictured here in 2013 - for artists to paint each year

Bristol, the birthplace of Banksy, has an international reputation for its street art.

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