'Oldest' pieces of the Koran found in university library

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Watch Leah's report about the 'oldest' Koran pieces discovered in the UK

What could be the world's oldest pages of the Koran, the holy book for Muslims all over the world, have been found by the University of Birmingham.

The pages of the holy book had remained hidden in the university library for almost 100 years.

Radiocarbon dating, a technique used to find the age of an object, found the pieces of the holy book to be at least 1,370 years old.

The university says it will now put the pieces of the Koran on public display.

Ancient writing from the Koran
These pieces are thought to be more than 1,370 years old

The Koran is the holy book of Islam which is one of the largest religions in the world. Followers of Islam are known as Muslims.

Muslims believe the book holds the actual words of Allah (the Arabic word for God).

In the Koran, Allah tells Muslim how they should behave towards each other and gives instructions for how they should live their lives.