Prime Minister explains plan to tackle extremism

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David Cameron makes speech in Birmingham.Getty Images
The Prime Minister made the speech at a school in Birmingham.

Prime Minister David Cameron has made a big speech explaining how he wants to tackle Islamist extremism in Britain.

It's in response to concerns about people from the UK, including some teenagers, joining a group calling itself Islamic State or IS.

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Watch Ayshah's report on how Islamic State, or IS, tries to get people from the UK to join them.

It's an extremist Islamist group, based mainly in Iraq and Syria, and the Prime Minister outlined a five year plan to try and stop them.

David Cameron speaks to people about suspicious online behaviour.Getty Images
The Prime Minister attended at special workshop on how to spot suspicious activity online before making his speech.

It includes bringing communities closer together, and explaining more to children about what groups like IS do.

Five year plan

David CameronPA
Mr Cameron said the five year plan would look at tackling several key issues.

In his speech David Cameron outlined the things he wants to do. They are:

  • Allowing parents to have their children's passports removed if they suspect they are planning to travel abroad to join radical groups.
  • Stop some cable TV channels showing extremist messages
  • Make sure pupils from different backgrounds mix and encourage schools to be more integrated.
  • Look at ways of stopping people hearing about radical Islamist views in prisons and online.
  • Launch a study looking at how extremism spreads
  • Find ways to emphasise British values

Why is he doing this?

The Prime Minister said he wanted to make sure everyone knew how brutal Islamic State was.

They've been trying to get people from the UK to join them by using social media and direct messaging online.

They target vulnerable young people who might be interested in what the Islamic State means but doesn't tell the truth about what they do.

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