Should women get to play more matches on big courts at Wimbledon?

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Ayshah looks at why women don't appear on the main courts as much as men

Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki has said women don't get as many chances as men to play on the big courts at Wimbledon.

In the first seven days of the tournament on Centre Court and No. 1 Court, there were 17 matches played by women and 30 played by men.

The 24-year-old, who is ranked five in the world said: "You work hard and you practice to play on the big courts but the women haven't really gotten the opportunity here to play on the big courts. You only get one women's match on court one and centre court."

Newsround contacted Wimbledon, who said scheduling matches was complex and there are lots of factors they have to consider. But they do not comment on individual cases, such as what Caroline said.

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Your comments:

I think that women should play more matches on big courts at Wimbledon because tennis is fun to play.

Jessica, London, England

I think that Caroline is absolutely right! We think, when we look at world history, that we have achieved equality. However women, if only absent-mindedly, are seen as inferior to men in certain things - for example tennis. I think that in Wimbledon it is not an accident that men appear in bigger courts more than women because it is a common theme.

Kirsten, Oldham, England

I think women should play on the main courts because they work equally as hard as men so they should be treated the same.

Teegan, Northamptonshire, England