You tell us what your minion would do

Minions mania is back! The funny little yellow helpers that speak gibberish are back in their very own film and you can see it in cinemas across the UK tomorrow.

We asked you if you had some minions what would you ask them to do for you. Here's a selection of your comments.

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My minion would dance, do homework. Also it would be great at gymnastics.


If I had a minion I would call him Huggles and I would dance with him and have fun. He would tell me about what happened in his past and he would help me tidy my bedroom.

Isabel, 6

If I had a minion I would get him to play tricks on my mum. He would play Minecraft and other computer games with me. He would also run races with me because I like running.

Benjamin, 9

I would get my minion to teach me how to talk in the minion language and paint me yellow.


I would get my minion to give me cuddles


My minion would be called Stuart and he would help me and mum plant healthy food.

Thomas, 10

I would make it do my chores, I can't wait to see it.


If I had a minion it would definitely be called Bob and it would do all my homework for me! (Except my art homework!) On Friday I'm having a birthday party in the cinema to see the minions movie! It's gonna be great!

Erin, 10

If I had a minion I would make it do all of my chores for me and I would make it do all of my homework.

Lauren, 11, London

If I had a Minion I would make it bake cakes and delicious treats and make smoothies and juices for me so when I get home after school I would have a yummy snack. I would also make my Minion write a piece of music dedicated to me so it could be my special piece.

Amélie, London

I would make them do all my housework and do pranks on people. Lol.

Yusra, 14, Birmingham

I'd get my minion to be my friend.

Ruby, 9, Norfolk

I would make them tidy up my house

Tariq, 10, London

I would get my minion to go to school for me and to cook dinner because it would always be something to do with bananas and I love BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie, 10, Essex

My minion would have a computer and it would research things . It would come everywhere with me . Also it would go to school for me.

Laura, 10, Scotland

I would get them to go in defence while I was playing football because no on in my class would.

Phoebe, Middlesbrough

I would make it come to school with me, be my best friend and tidy up my bedroom.

Bradley, 10, England

If I was in charge, I would make them go to school while I would play games at home!

Kimya, 10

I'd get them to dance with me and just have fun with them!

Josh, 10, Suffolk

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