Amazing Southern Lights

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Watch the lights in action

Feast your eyes on this spectacular natural light that happened in the skies above parts of New Zealand and Australia.

The event is pretty common in the Northern Hemisphere but scenes like this are pretty rare in the Southern half of the world.

It's called the Aurora Australis and occurs when solar winds from the sun mix with the earths upper atmosphere.

A lot of people braved the very cold weather to get a glimpse of the impressive views.

Aurora australisBlair Pattinson – Queenstown Photography Tours

The solar storm meant that the Aurora Australis, was much more visible further north than usual.

Aurora australisBlair Pattinson – Queenstown Photography Tours

A blast of magnetic plasma shot out from he sun on Sunday.

It travelled faster than normal, hitting Earth with the biggest solar storm since 2005 say the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Aurora australisKimball Chen/

Find out what causes the spectacular light show.