Americans march to tackle racism

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Watch Ricky's report into what's been happening in South Carolina

Thousands of people have been marching on the streets of America to urge their government to do more to tackle problems with race in the country.

It's an issue that has been raised again in the last week after the tragic shooting of nine black people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, by a young white man.

Police say the man who did it had strong racist beliefs and wanted to start a war between whites and blacks.

Boy holding a candleAP
A memorial service was held in Charleston to remember those that died

He's now been arrested and taken to jail but what he did has shocked lots of people across the country.

The families of those killed say they do not want revenge but instead they have said they will forgive the man responsible.

'Things have been peaceful'

Many people, including President Obama, have asked people to be calm. And so far things have been peaceful.

But many black people in the USA want things to change, and they say that this attack shows that America still has big problems with race.

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