Comments: What sounds remind you of the seaside?

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A composite picture: a seagull, deck chairs, fish and chips, boats in a harbour in stormy weatherGetty/BBC

The crashing waves, the squawking seagulls or an ice cream van playing its tune - what sounds remind you of the seaside?

A new project from the National Trust - an organisation which protects historic places - wants the public to capture sounds of the seaside because they say the sounds are constantly changing.

What sounds do you like from the seaside? Perhaps it's the animals, the water or the people and activities you find at the seaside that you like?

Get typing and let us know!

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We have a pretty unique seaside sound, the hovercraft!

Tommy, Isle of Wight

My favourite sound at the seaside are the waves rushing in over the sea shore, it makes a nice sound again and again.

Samuel, Essex

The sound of the tide reminds me of the seaside.

Jessica, London

Our favourite sounds are the squawking of the seagulls, the splashes and waves of the ocean and jingling tunes of the ice cream vans.

Rowan, London

We think seagulls and the waves crashing remind us of the sea.

Class 1L, Streatham

The waves moving around, seagulls flying around, people digging in the sand, sound from sea shells, water crashing off the rocks and Fish moving in the sea.

Mrs Lynch and Primary 4

My favourite sound is when you crunch into an ice cream cone.

Bethany, Scotland

I think the best seaside sounds are the waves and the seagulls, without them you would just have a plain old pile of sand and a few people.

Rhys, England

I like the sound of the seagulls and the pebbles crunching when people walk across them. I like the sound of people skimming rocks across the water and the munching of people eating their hot dogs.

Daniel, Sussex

When I think of the seaside, I think of the sounds when you put a shell next to your ear and you can hear the sea.

Summer, Sussex

I would recognise the sound of the seaside because of the shore line coming up and hitting against the rocks.

Helen, Sussex