Zookeepers around the world copy Jurassic World scene

Last updated at 07:15
Jurassic World film sceneJurassic World / Universal Pictures
Here's the original scene from Jurassic World where Chris Pratt's character tries to tame three velociraptors

Zookeepers around the world have been copying Chris Pratt's velociraptor-taming moves from the film Jurassic World, with their own animals taking the part of the dinosaurs.

In the film a 'dinosaur researcher' confronts a group of velociraptors and calms them down using his arms.

Although they don't have their own dinosaurs, zookeepers have been trying out the technique with less-dangerous animals.

Tortoises, penguins, red pandas, and even rhinos have been included in the photos - which have now gone viral.

The people in these photos are professional zookeepers who are trained to work safely with animals. Don't try this yourselves.

Southern white rhinosLion Country Safari
Southern white rhinos in Florida look confused by their keeper's new moves.
possums with keeperToledo Zoo
Possums in Ohio, USA aren't quite as scary as the Jurassic velociraptors.
Keeper with pigsHamilton Zoo
Meanwhile, this keeper in New Zealand has her pigs under control
Keeper with lemursHamilton Zoo
These lemurs seems to have their keeper surrounded
keeper with ostrichesHamilton Zoo
Can this keeper stop his ostriches' charge?