What would it mean if your team qualified for Euro 2016?

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Wales fans tell us what it would mean to qualify for Euro 2016

With the next round of Euro 2016 football qualifiers to be played in the coming week, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will all be hoping for good results to help them edge closer to the championships.

All four nations have never previously qualified for the same major international tournament but all remain hopeful of reaching next summer's tournament in France.

You told us how you would feel if your team made the tournament.

Your Comments

I will love it if Wales go through to Euro 2016. We really deserve to win this - dewch Cymru/come on Wales.

Hana, Pwllheli Gwynedd, Wales

It would be amazing. It would be the first time in 60 years for Wales to be in a major tournament.

It would be really good because Wales hardly qualify for anything. We could play against more teams and become more popular.

It would feel great for everyone in Wales. It would prove that small countries can do well.

It would great just to get through to something and become a bit more appreciated by Welsh people.

It would be breathtaking if they qualify.

They would be able to put their national kit on more and make us proud.

They would make history!

Miss Longley's Year 4 Class, Cardiff, Wales