Children encouraged to stand up more at school

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These kids have been trying out a more active school day. What do they think?

A new project wants you to spend more of your school day standing up and walking around.

The Active Movement project says sitting for too long is bad for your health and they want to teach everybody how to make exercise part of every day life.

With one in ten children now starting primary school clinically obese, the organisation says it is important that children grow up knowing the dangers of a lazy lifestyle.

We wanted to know what you thought about the project.

Your Comments

My school stands up every lesson.

Thomas, Burnley, England

We stand up for singing and we sometimes have extra time outside playing.

Sarah, Manchester, England

We have to do 3 hours of P.E. every week. But apart from that we don't really stand up that much so I think we need to do more.

Cleo, Farnborough, England

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