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BBC's Olly Foster gives his tips for the last day of the Premier League

It's the last day of the Premier League season and the pressure is on Hull and Newcastle to avoid relegation.

All ten matches will kick-off at 3pm today and the Premier League trophy will be awarded to Chelsea too.

Have you enjoyed the Premier League this season? How has your team done? What's been your highlight, or low point, of the season?

And who do you think will get relegated - Newcastle or Hull?

Thanks for all your comments. This page is now closed, but some of the best comments sent in are below.

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I think Newcastle will lose but so will Hull so we'll stay up.

Ben, Newcastle

I think that Newcastle will stay up and Hull will go down. My team Chelsea have done very well this season and I am very proud to say I support them.

Imogen, Nottinghamshire

I am really excited to see Chelsea lift the cup.

Jeremy, London

I think Spurs have done quite well this season especially Harry Kane the superstar! Come on you Spurs.

Megan, London

I think Hull City will get relegated against Man Utd!


My team is West Ham United. They have done really well this season. And if they win today against Newcastle and Everton lose against Tottenham, West Ham will finish 10th on the table with only 1 point behind Stoke.


My team - Liverpool - have done ok this season. I was hoping for better after last season. My highlight of the season is how well all of Liverpool's new signings have played. On the other hand, my low point has got to be Steven Gerrard leaving the club as that will be a very big loss for us. In the relegation zone, I think that Hull will go back down.

Ben, Hertfordshire

I think Hull will get relegated, my team Liverpool are 5th and my highlight is every goal that has been scored.

Muhammad, Nottingham

My team is Man City and we had a good season but unfortunately couldn't manage to beat Chelsea but I think we'll win next season.

Jake, London

My team, Leicester City, have done really well as everyone thought they were going to get relegated but managed to hold on and now are definitely staying up! :)

Isobel, Leicestershire

I think Man U have done really well to get into 4th considering the defensive problems they've had, which is why I think Hull are gong down as they are against Man U today.

Isaac, Crewe

I'm really excited because I'm going to watch Chelsea play today and see them lift the trophy! I think they've done much better than any other team this season- they've been top of the league for so long!


Going to watch Newcastle today - hope they stay up, it's my first proper big match.

Mac, Liverpool

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