How will the UK do at Eurovision?

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Hear the UK's Eurovision entry for 2015

It's the Eurovision Song Contest tonight and duo Electro Velvet will be flying the flag for the UK.

A record 27 countries will take part in the competition, which takes place tonight in Austria.

Australia has been invited to compete for the first time too, to mark the 60th anniversary of the contest.

Around 200 million viewers across Europe and beyond are expected to tune in to the contest on TV.

What do you think the UK's chances are in the competition? Who do you think will win?

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I think the UK will win it because we are so talented and we have a chance of winning it.

Shay, Kent

I don't think the UK's going to win because this group is unheard of. Although, it's a really good song. Hopefully Australia is going to win because I would like to see what happens.

Dominic, Norwich

I think that the Australia will win.

Erin, Kent

I think they are not going to do very well because his voice is a bit croaky.

Izzie, Leicestershire

I think they are going to win and if they do I will run around my house screaming.

Jeremy, London

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