Comments: Do you walk to school?

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Ayshah finds out why some of you do and don't walk to school

This weeks is 'Walk to School Week' and millions of children across the country are taking part in events to get kids walking to school.

Lots of mums and dads are worried about busy roads and because of this, more kids than ever are now being driven to school.

The government have set a target of getting 55% of primary school children walking to school by 2025.

But the charity Living Streets say they want the government to invest more into making this happen and help make roads safer.

They believe that walking to school is an easy and cheap way to increase exercise and make kids more healthy.


Your Comments

I normally walk or ride my bike to school with my mum. If it's raining though I go in the car. I'm going to start walking to school on my own when I'm ten or eleven.


I walk to school because my mum doesn't drive and I only live down the road. Also I like walking because all my friends live near me so we walk together!

Elle, Harrogate, England

Me and my friends are meeting each other every day this week and walking to school together without the adults!

Mathilde, Hampshire, England

I can't walk to school as most of the route is down country lanes and I would have to cross a bypass to get there.

Ben, Cheshire, England

I walk to school because it is about 5 minutes away from my house and it is healthy!


I think you should just walk to school because it's good for your health and the first time you walk to school might be scary but after that it's fine. I walk a mile there and back and when it rains like yesterday, I don't get lifts! So no complaining.

Jody, London

I do not walk to school because I live four miles away.

Khalil, Asia

Walking to school is not always possible as my mum works some days during the week and she has to take me in the car. Or like today it was torrential rain.

Laura, Kilmarnock, Scotland

I don't walk to school but I like walking home from school with my mum. I prefer going in the car to and from school.

Jessica London, England

It takes too long to get to school and I would have to wake up much earlier and I already wake up at 5:30am.

Miya, Sutton Coldfield