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Find out all about champion chess player, Carissa

Imagine being so good at something that at the age of 11 you're beating players who are the best in the country.

Carissa, who's 11, has become the youngest ever chess master in the US.

So how did she get so good? The BBC went to meet her to find out.

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We asked what your best ever achievement has been!


My greatest achievement is being in a BAFTA winning film. It was nominated for an Oscar too.

Aaron, Belfast, Northern Ireland

I am really great at running and I run for my local club.

Bradley, Leeds, England

My biggest achievement this year would be that I have changed my class' opinion on what feminism is: from women being better than men to equality.

Silvia, Oxford, England

I'm proud of coming 3rd out of 10 in a national cheer leading competition.

Sarah, England

My two best achievements were passing my Grade 1 piano exam and winning 2nd place in a gymnastics competition!

Freya, Surrey, England

I'm very good at Gaelic.

Michéal, Donegal, Ireland

I have achieved a 3A in literacy and am a school councillor.

Emily, Andover, England

I am best at guitar because I am on Grade 4 and have been practicing from the age of 8.

Sassy, Bristol, England

My achievement is when I played hockey and we got 2nd place in our group and 5th overall!

Justina, London, England

I'm really good at playing the steel pans. I recently achieved my bronze award, which is like a GCSE achievement.

Anna, Newcastle, England

My best ever achievement is getting a distinction in my dance exams.

Mary, London, England

I am great at golf. I am even better than my dad!

Arjan, Birmingham, England

I'm extremely proud of swimming for my county.

Dominic, England

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