Massive conger eel caught off British coast

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EelPlymouth Fisheries/Apex

A massive conger eel caught by fishermen off the coast of Devon has narrowly missed the British record.

EelPlymouth Fisheries/Apex
The eel was over 2m long

The conger eel, which is over two meters long, weighed 59kg, just 1kg under the UK record.

When the eel was taken to the local fish market many people didn't think it was that big - but after a closer look they realised how massive it actually was.

Pete Bromley, manager of Plymouth fisheries, told reporters "It's a very impressive fish and would have made any anglers' day."

Conger eels
  • Generally found hiding in wrecks or on reefs and rocky ground
  • Despite their size and power they are not very strong swimmers
  • Congers can reach nearly 3m long
  • They will eat almost any seafood they find, from octopus to crabs to fish
  • They are most active at night as they leave their resting place to hunt

Source: Plymouth Fisheries/BBC Autumnwatch