World's most expensive art, Pokemon card, teddy bear and other items sold at auction

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A Pikachu Illustrator card has been sold for a huge amount of money

One of the world's rarest Pokémon cards has sold for a record-breaking amount at auction.

The highly sought-after Pikachu Illustrator card sold for £150,000 at an auction in New York.

The special Japanese card was handed out as a prize in competitions in 1998.

Only 39 copies of the card were ever made, making this one pretty rare!

The same card sold in an auction in 2013 for £78,000, and another sold for £45,000 in 2016.

Here are some other record-breaking items which sold for incredible prices...

Most expensive painting

Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci sold at auction at Christie's in New York back in 2017AFP / Getty
Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci sold at auction at Christie's in New York back in 2017

The world's most expensive work of art sold at auction is a 500-year-old painting of Christ believed to have been painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

The painting is known as Salvator Mundi (Saviour of the World) sold at Christie's in New York for a record $450m (£341m) in 2017.

Most expensive painting almost thrown out!

This painting sold for £20 million pounds at auction! It's by a Florentine Renaissance artist called Cimabue

A painting that has been hanging on the wall in someone's house for years has been sold for more than £20 million pounds at auction.

It's a thirteenth century masterpiece - meaning it is probably more than 700 years old - by an Italian artist and it was found in a French woman's kitchen earlier this year.

Apparently it was spotted just before it was about to be chucked out!

Most expensive work by a living artist

Rabbit-sculpture-by-Jeff-KoonsGetty Images

A sculpture by US artist Jeff Koons sold for $91.1m (£71m), breaking the record for a work by a living artist.

The 104cm (41in) tall steel cast of an inflatable rabbit was sold at Christie's auction house in New York.

Most expensive teddy bear

Teddy bearPA

This old bear named "Teddy Girl" sold for £110,000 at auction to a Japanese business man in 1994.

The bear was made in 1905 by a famous toy maker called Steiff, and used to belong to a man named Colonel Bob Henderson, who took it everywhere with him, even to his landing on the D-Day beaches during World War II.

Most expensive musical instrument

The Lady Blunt violin, photograph by Robert Bailey, TarisioOther

The 'Lady Blunt' Stradivarius violin sold in an online auction for £9.8 million in 2011.

The violin is extremely rare, and is one of about 600 instruments made by Italian Antonio Stradivari still in existence.

Made in 1721, the violin was called 'Lady Blunt' after Lord Byron's granddaughter who first owned it.

All the money raised from the sale of the violin went to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

Most expensive board game

Gold Monopoly board(C) British Broadcasting Corporation

This edition of monopoly isn't your average household board game, it sold at auction for £1.4 million.

It was created by a jeweller called Sidney Mobell in 1988.

The board is made from 23 carat gold, the solid gold houses and hotels have rubies and sapphires on top of the chimneys, and the dice have 42 diamonds for spots.

Most expensive watch

world's most expensive watchAFP/Getty

The world's most expensive watch sold at auction for £13.4 million.

Made from 24 carat gold and weighing half a kilogramme - the Graves Supercomplication was made for an American banker in the 1930s.

It took eight years for a Swiss watchmaker called Patek Philippe to finish making it.

The watch has 900 moving parts and 24 different features, including a calendar.

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