Footballer offers to pay for repairs to fan's ceiling

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Paul AndersonPA
Paul Anderson equalised for Ipswich just before half-time. The match finished 1-1

A footballer has offered to pay for the damage to a fan's ceiling, after they punched the air - and the ceiling - in celebration of him scoring a goal.

Super-fan Ross Morgan was watching the Ipswich v Norwich match at home when Paul Anderson scored a goal.

In his excitement Ross leaped into the air and accidently punched the hole.

Ross Morgan and the hole in his ceilingRoss Morgan
Ross Morgan's celebrations after Paul Anderson's goal, left a hole in his ceiling

He said: "I went for a fist pump while jumping up at the same time. The next thing I knew I had gone through the ceiling."

Ross later posted a picture of the hole online, and goal-scorer Anderson, offered to pay for the repairs.

Ipswich fan Ross said: "I was pretty shocked by that. It's a great gesture from him."