Election 2015: Millions due to cast their vote

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Polling stationPA

Millions of adults will be voting in the UK general election today.

Polls opened at 7.00am at around 50,000 polling stations across the country.

What you can and can't do when voting

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Hayley has been to a school to find out more about how elections work

Some polling stations are in schools, which means a day off for lots of children in the UK.

Community centres, parish halls and a school bus will also be used.

MPs elected

A total of 650 Westminster MPs will be elected, with about 50 million adults registered to vote.

Some votes have already been cast, through postal voting and for the first time people have been able to register to vote online.

Ballot boxes were loaded up in Edinburgh ahead of the countGetty Images
Ballot boxes have been sent to polling stations ahead of the count...
Rathlin Island, off the north east coast of Northern IrelandAFP/Getty
Ballot boxes were shipped to all parts of the UK, including Rathlin Island, off the north-east coast of Northern Ireland

Polls close at 10.00pm tonight and you can find out the election result on Newsround tomorrow morning at 7.40am and 8.15am.