Chelsea Premier League win - 'a reward for risk'

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Chelsea's Jose Mourinho says their Premier League title is his reward for the risk he took in returning to the team for a second time.

Eden Hazard's goal gave Chelsea the 1-0 win over Crystal Palace that saw them crowned as champions on Sunday.

The win gave Mourinho his third title as Chelsea manager, and the first of his second spell in charge. Mourinho said: "When you go back to where you had success before you risk a bit of your prestige and your history. I risked it but I can say we won again."

Eden Hazard and cheering crowdsPA
Eden Hazard scored the winning goal just before half-time
Jose MourinhoReuters
Jose Mourinho says he'll stay at the team for as long as owner Roman Abramovich wants
Roman Abramovich with his sonPA
Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was watching the game with his son
Team on pitchAP
Fans and players celebrated Chelsea's win
Didier DrogbaPA
The title is Chelsea's fourth Premier League title
Filipe LuisReuters