Switzerland is 'world's happiest' country in new poll

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A man throws a Swiss flag as alphorn players perform on July 28, 2013 in Nendaz, Switzerland. About 150 alphorn blowers performed together on the last day of the international Alphorn Festival of Nendaz. The Swiss folkloric wooden wind instrument was used in most mountainous regions of Europe by mountain dwellers as signalGetty Images
People playing the Alpenhorn is a traditional image of Switzerland

Switzerland has been named the world's happiest place in a new report.

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network looked at things like health and how much freedom people have in a country.

Switzerland came out on top. The country is famous for its clocks, cheese and chocolates.

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What you think

What I like about my country is that there are lots of famous buildings to see and lots of interesting museums.

Jessica, London, England

I love where I live. There are so many places to play, on the moors, through the fields, in the woods and by the stream. Although I love going on holiday, I'm always glad to get back home!

Finty, Lancashire, England

I live in York and it's really beautiful and historic and has some great shops!

Beth, York, England

I like were I live because everyone gets along well.

Ben, Newcastle, England