Giant fatberg weighing ten tonnes breaks sewer

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A giant fatberg in a Chelsea sewerThames Water

A giant lump of fat weighing as much as five sports cars has been cleared from a sewer in Chelsea, London.

The ten-tonne fatberg was so heavy it broke the sewer pipe it had stuck to, causing a bit of smelly surprise for local residents.

The giant lump was made-up of a mixture of fat, oil and grease which had cooled down and gone hard.

The fatty mess had then mixed with lots of wet-wipes to cause a nasty blockage.

The 40-metre-long fatberg cost Thames Water, who look after London's sewers, £400,000 to replace the damaged sewer.

The sewer being replaced after fatberg damageThames Water
Sewer managers are working to replace the broken pipes caused by the fatberg

Stephen Hunt works for Thames Water and said: "The amount of fat we've had to remove has been staggering.

"To have this much damage on a sewer almost a metre in diameter is mind-boggling," he said.