Fastest train in the world just got faster

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Martin checks out the speedy train

The fastest train in the world has set a new world record of 375mph.

The train can be found in Japan and uses magnetic levitation - or maglev for short - to make it go.

But it will be a while before ordinary passengers will get a chance to try out the super fast train.

The company that owns it doesn't plan to launch a service until 2027.

Once the new service is running, passengers can expect to travel at an average of about 310mph.

Maglev trains use magnetism to lift and move carriages above the rail tracks.

This means there's hardly any resistance, which allows the trains to travel at such super fast speeds.

Maglev trainGetty Images

How fast is it?

At 375mph, how does this maglev train compare to some other speedy machines...

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