Schools re-open in Sierra Leone

Last updated at 07:05
Schoolchildren line up outside schoolAP

Schools in Sierra Leone have re-opened and children are able to go back to school for the first time in 9 months.

They had been closed to try to stop the spread of the potentially deadly disease, Ebola.

But with fewer and fewer cases being reported, schools have been able to open their doors to children again.

Boy listening to radio doing school workAP
Many children have been listening to lessons broadcast on radio while schools were shut

But for some, getting back into class isn't an option. Many have lost their parents to Ebola and now have to work to support themselves.

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Why going back to school isn't an option for some children

Isatu's story

"I want to be a professional medical doctor when I grow up. I take my study very careful when I go to school.

We used to educate ourselves in class, but now it is just sitting down and working.

I listen to the teacher, read my books, study very hard. I will not go to school now my mother died.

If my mother were here with me I would go to school. But no-one can pay for me so I am not going to school this year.''